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''What is Beauty? As the world we know is constantly evolving, the idea of beauty must too. No longer constrained by gender, perfection, or homogeneity, beauty emerges as a fluid concept - ever expanding, as we liberate ourselves from limits, that divide us. Open for connection, where separation once grew. Ready to explore each other and ourselves on a deeper level. This fashion inspired photo series is celebrating this liberation and spirit. It aims to empower and show real human beauty, while still loving the opulence and magic of fashion as a tool to express our inner and outer beauty. The highly saturated, overly choreographed aesthetics of beauty contests and pageants serve as inspiration for the series. Playing with their surreal appearance and practice it wants to playfully ask questions and empower to redefine what makes us beautiful''

Tabea Mathern: Idea, Art Direction + Photography
Star Burleigh: Fashion StylingMatthias Heumeier: Set Design
Aurelia Braga de Matos & Maria Boman: Hair + Make Up Artists
Daniela, Yi, Max: Models by Two Management | Graciela + Jacky: Models by OstWesting
Fashion by Kilian Kerner, Kasiaku Laura Obst, Christian Louboutin & Guovarde

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