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Creating an on site art project and workshop for art and culture festival A LOVE BEYOND by Swiss Design hotel Cervo Zermatt
Artistic curation and booking by Joel Black. Generously supported by the whole crew of A love beyond and Cervo Zermatt

The on site art project for Swiss Design hotel Cervo Zermatt  is a playful fusion of flavours and visual artistry. It consists of five different
artworks, individually printed onto five different, artisanal plates. Each artwork is a photo of a dish, resembling the iconic Matterhorn
and paying its tribute. The plate becomes the canvas, a shared homage. The photographic stilllifes are bold, colorful and playful,
contrasting the traditional element of a printed plate. Each artwork showcases a different kind of food, a unique mix of flavours
and ways to eat - all gathered around the same table at the foot of the Matterhorn - just like the people and visitors of Zermatt.
PLATEAU thus tells a story of togetherness, of embracing our differences and indulge in the universal language of food and love
and care for the nature around us. On site installation with printed plates and workshop held by Tabea Mathern for for


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